Happy Friday reader!

We are now firmly in the grips of winter and it takes a bit more motivation to get down to training in the cold. Always remember that you never regret a session and a good hard workout will increase your core temperature for the rest of the day. We are over the hump with the shortest day behind us and warmer days ahead. 

Our 7:30am session this Saturday is on as always and shortly after some of the team will be leaving for the Tough Bloke Challenge with an absence of blokes (just not tough enough).

But read on to find out what is happening in the coming weeks.

Schedule Amendment & Sutherland Running Track

From Tuesday the 1st of July, we are moving the FIT4Running class forward 1/2 an hour to 7pm and temporarily suspending the 6:30pm class for winter. This will give us the opportunity to extend the running class where required and to move to alternate locations without interfering with regular sessions.

For 1 week only, on Tuesday the 1st of July, the running class will be held at Sutherland running track (next to the leisure centre) at 7pm.

This amendment will be reviewed in September 2014.

FIT4Running class remains a unique session for all levels to improve their running abilities. Less like a fitness session and more like a workshop, this is essential training for those with winter running goals.

Event Countdown

Saturday 5th July

S2S Trial Run and Breakfast at Wanda.

Every year, the Sutherland 2 Surf rolls around with 11km of the best local run you can do. An absolute must for all active Sutherland residents. With over 20 members now registered for this year's run, this 7:30am session on the 5th of July will give our runners the opportunity to run the exact course of the event  (with the exception of stopping for roads and cars etc). 

This is a chance for you to get used to the distance and the track at whatever pace you like. Take it easy over a few hours or see how fast you can run. Either way, join up with the crew for breakfast and a coffee at Wanda / Cronulla.


  • Run all 11km or meet us on the route for a partial run
  • Start with the group, finish at a train station before the end for a partial run
  • Bring a bag with warm clothes that we'll drive to Wanda for you and train return 
  • Encourage your partners to meet you at the end for breakfast and drive you home
  • Drive to Wanda and catch the train back to Sutherland before the 7:30 start
  • Marathoners can incorporate this into their training schedule. Drive to Wanda, run back and join us for 7:30 for a 22km run

Click here for a map of the meeting point (the same meeting point we'll be using for the race).


Our sought after F4A Hoodie is now in stock at a bargain price of $45 (limited stock)

We are also opening up the F4A t-shirt at $25 and singlet for $20. Unfortunately these items are only available to those 'grey' members who have achieved their 25 sessions.

If you have previously ordered one, come and collect your gear after training.