Spring is in the air and a spring is in our step. The 6am session now starts in daylight and everyone is rolling out of their winter slumber. The air is warmer (and the ground) and we have some major events on the horizon.

There's no better time to kick start your new healthy lifestyle. Come down in September and get as many sessions as you like in your first week, absolutely FREE.


Fitness Assessments

15th September &

18th December

Fitness assessments are essential for you to understand where you're up to in your training. Everyone adapts differently to exercise, is your routine working for you? Are you improving your fitness,  maintaining it, or do you need to turn it up a notch.

The assessment session itself is not a difficult session and should be completed by everyone, especially all new members who have not yet set their benchmarks.

These assessments are repeated in the final week before Christmas to gauge the improvement over the 13 weeks. 

Start now with your free week and be just in time for the first assessment. You'll be amazed at your improvement over the next 12 weeks.



There are now 11 weekly opportunities to train with the FIT4Action team. With Wednesday and Thursday soon to be split also, you'll be running out of excuses not to get in shape for the summer months.


What is different about FIT4Action?

Exercising by yourself can become monotonous and uninspiring, especially without the knowledge of a fitness professional to ensure you are training towards complete fitness. Too often, boot camps / group fitness organisations have many generic sessions where they attempt to cover many areas of fitness within the single session and repeat over a period of several weeks. At FIT4Action we know this isn't …

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Tuesday 2nd Sep 6am &

Wednesday 6am/7pm

It's great timing for our next boxing session, with some rain due, we can easily take the punches undercover. Invest in your own gloves and hand wraps if you can (but we have spare if you don't). Come wrapped and ready for the session. If you're unsure about wrapping techniques, come down 5 minutes earlier for a demo.


Saturday 6th September -7:30am

Audley, Royal National Park

Meet at the BBQ shelters at Audley for a trail run down Lady Carrington Drive. You can run all of it (20km), half of it, or just a few kilometres if you want to improve your running, whilst in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal National Park. You can bring your bike if you'd prefer to cycle or do a simple time based split run, i.e. twenty minutes out, beat your time back. Your choice, your run.

A perfect scenic opportunity for those tapering in time for the Blackmores Running Festival.


Event Countdown

The arrival of spring sends our event calendar into meltdown. Just after the fitness assessments comes the Sydney Running Festival for which many members have been training endless hours, pounding the road for glory in 3 weeks time. We have 3 members attempting their first ever marathon, several doing their first half and many others will sail through the 9km bridge run.

After a month of tough training we then get some light relief with rock climbing and a family BBQ. This can only go ahead with a healthy level of interest, so please make your intentions known by clicking 'join' on the event Facebook page.

November sees our first participation in the Urban Challenge, ideal for couples of all abilities. And we finish off the year with the Triathlon Series in Kurnell - entries opening very soon. This event books out quick.

20/09/2014 – Sydney Running Festival in 2 weeks, 5 days

26/10/2014 - FIT4Climbing – Rock Wall in 7 weeks, 5 days

22/11/2014 – Kathmandu Urban Challenge in 11 weeks, 4 days

14/12/2014 – Triathlon Sprint Series – Kurnell in 14 weeks, 5 days

18/12/2014 – Fitness Assessments in 15 weeks, 2 days

20/12/214 – Summer Break BBQ in 15 weeks, 4 days


Facebook Updates

With recent changes to what you see in your news feed, you may be missing out on important session updates, news, events, nutritional and training tips.

To ensure you don't miss the action, like the Facebook page and click on 'Following' and 'Get Notifications'. We promise not to post too much and we'll keep it interesting.



We still have stock of the awesome F4A hoodie at a bargain price of $45. Order by email.

F4A T-shirts are still available at $25 and singlets at $20. Unfortunately we are still out of stock on size 10 singlets.



F4A Summer Break BBQ

Bring your partner, your parents, your children, your food and some beers and we'll celebrate the end of the year in style at Como Pleasure Grounds. As well as the usual awards, this year we'll also have the cricket wickets up, the volley ball net out and a few hours of inflatable Sumo suits.

We normally wrap up around 4pm and move the merriment to the Como Hotel. Book this into your diary now.