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At FIT4Action we don’t believe ‘Get your summer body’, ‘12 week challenges‘, and ‘Weight loss boot camps’ are going to have long term success.

Fit4Action unique and fun training

Fit4Action provides Outdoor Group Fitness for the Sutherland region, to cover training for Como, Bonnet Bay, Oyster Bay, Sutherland and Jannali.

Training takes place 6 days a week in and around the beautiful Scylla Bay Oval in Como. With the scenic surrounds of Green Point, Carina Park and the Como/Oatley bridge providing endless training opportunities, why would you want to burn calories anywhere else.

FIT4Action pride themselves on being a LIFESTYLE Fitness organisation. To get real results, you need to change your habits… starting with exercise. By providing a choice of training days and times, Fit 4 Action is your Total Fitness Solution.


If you’re not sure how to exercise, where to go or what you need to do to ensure you can achieve weight loss, strength gains, elevated fitness levels, de-stressing and toning… then let us do it for you. Our unique cyclic training schedule ensures you get a little bit of everything, resulting in TOTAL Fitness with our 3+ (unlimited) training back.


If you’re already active and would like to complement your healthy lifestyle with some dedicated fitness sessions, we’ll ensure you push yourself beyond your previously conceived limitations, ensuring you maximise your time and effort.


If you’re already very active and partake in regular sports, then once a week with Fit 4 Action could give you that edge. Our cyclic training schedule ensures you still train your core, your stabilizers and increase your muscular endurance and fitness levels to ensure you’re the top of you’re game.

1 session a week may also be the perfect intro for those who are still unsure about a new exercise routine and would like to gently dip their toes.

Head Trainer

Head Trainer - David Coulter

Head Trainer – David Coulter

Your head trainer, David Coulter is a Diploma Qualified and Registered Fitness Professional. He has extra accreditation’s in Exercise for Older Adults, Exercise for Children & Adolescents and Strength & Conditioning.

  • Fitness Australia Registered Fitness Professional
  • Cert III & IV Personal Trainer
  • Diploma of Fitness (Chronic Conditions & High Performance Training)
  • Polar Heart Rate Training
  • Older Adults Training
  • Childrens Trainer
  • Authentic Punchfit Trainer (boxing)
  • ASCA (Strength & Conditioning) – Level One
  • Pre and Post Pregnancy Exercise Certification

David’s love of fitness originates from his passion for running, having completed many community runs, 7 marathons, 3 of which being ultra-marathons. David has a wide and varied range of exercise knowledge and techniques sure to get the best out of you.

*FIT4Action uses various trainers from session to session.