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Sutherland Bootcamp

The FIT4Action team after a tough Assault Session

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please drop us an email via the form on the right. Or alternatively,inbox us on Facebook by clicking here.

What is Cyclic Specificity?

FIT4Action’s unique Cyclic Specificity ensures that all members receive total, all-round fitness and not just the ability to run or lift etc.

For more details, see our Cyclic Specificity page.

What do I need to bring?

A water bottle, a towel, layered clothing (that you don’t mind getting dirty), sunscreen/cap on hot days and your determination.

Will I get dirty?


There is sometimes ground work and more often that not, you’ll have your hands, knees or bum coming into contact with the floor. On groundwork specific days, we’ll provide matting to make this easier. Always wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty. Outdoor training is not for the soft.

What happens when it rains?

We’ll probably get wet, but don’t worry, calories still burn in the rain.

F4A is an Outdoor Fitness company and as a result, we have to take the rough with the smooth. If it’s wet, we’ll change the workout to avoid messy ground work. If it’s heavy rain, we’ll change the workout and go under cover.

Generally, we’ll work through light rain or change the session to more running based content.

We only cancel when conditions are dangerous. i.e. combinations of very heavy rain, lightening, wind,darkness and slippy ground etc.

How long does it take to get fit?

There is no magic level of fitness that everyone needs to reach and every member has their own goals as to the level they would like to achieve.

You may want to attend simply to stay active and burn some extra calories. Or you may join to be fit enough to run your first marathon.

The time it takes to reach your desired fitness level will depend on the goal, the training frequency, intensity, type and duration. The more you train, the quicker you are likely to get there.

Is there a diet I need to follow?

Every member has different goals and aspirations. Some are focused on weight loss, some on toning, athletic ability and some have a specific event they are training for.

Fitness training only works for a weight loss goal if your diet is appropriate. Nutritional guidance is available for any member who needs that extra help.

What type of training do you do?

We pride ourselves in our members all-round fitness. We ensure we work every muscle group, every energy system and every movement pattern using all the tools we can.

We utilise body-weight exercises, hills, sand training, steps, ropes, tires, kettle-bells, suspension systems, boxing, barbells and dumbbells whilst staying ahead of the latest fitness trends to ensure you get all round, varied fitness that really works!

I have joint pain / back pain / medical concerns. Can I train?

Everyone without exception should make exercise part of their healthy lifestyle. There are ways to train around every issue and training can be adjusted to accommodate specific injuries and conditions. However, some conditions will need the clearance of your GP/Specialist before training can commence.

FIT4Action uses trainers that are Diploma qualified and can deal with chronic conditions.

Contact us for details on what injuries/conditions would need clearance before training.

Where do you train / meet?

95% of sessions start at Como Pleasure Ground at the end of Cremona Road in beautiful Como (2226). Once you drive into the car park, we meet at the first set of picnic tables.

Click here for a location map.

Although we meet here, we often take advantage of the beautiful Como / Jannali surroundings and may move on to Scylla Bay Oval, Carina Park, Jannali and even Oatley.

On occasion we hold remote boot camp sessions in locations such as Prince Edward Park, Greenhills – Wanda, Burnum Burnum Sanctuary and various other locations throughout Sutherland. If we change from the regular meeting spot, all members shall be informed via Facebook/SMS and by event notification in the Fit 4 Action calendar – click events.

What if I cant make it regularly?

At Fit 4 Action we like to be as flexible as we can so that you can make the most of your training. Many of our members work shifts or overseas and everyone takes holidays. With a written request we are able to suspend payments for any advanced notification of absence for a week or over.

This ensures that you don’t pay for classes that you can’t attend due to holidays, long term illness or working away.

Do you always run the same session type on certain days?

All sessions at the FIT4Action boot camp have a specific focus, whether it’s strength, core, upper/lower body, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems or stability and balance. Our Cyclic Specificity¬†methodology ensures that over a period of time, every aspect of fitness is covered, so that each and every member can experience total fitness.

A Monday night class will always be different to the previous week, so whatever days you attend, you benefit from the circular nature of the training focus.

For example, we may hold a boxing class on a Monday, 3 weeks later, it will be a Wednesday and after that it will be on a Thursday. Certain session types are advised in advance so that you may plan or bring equipment.

What is the notice period to cancel?

24 hours!

All members are signed up for rolling 4 week memberships in advance. Providing we are informed 24 hours before your next payment is due, you are free to cancel without penalty. We are unable to refund once payments are made.

How long do I need to sign up for?

No joining fees, no admin fees and no cancellation fees. You pay ONLY for training.

All members pay in advance for a rolling 4 week membership. At the end of the 4 weeks, the next payment will then be due.

4 weeks is your only commitment.

Is it mainly men or women?

Statistics have shown the Fit 4 Action members are approximately 65% female and 35% male. However, different training times or days bring different mixes.

Will my muscles ache/hurt?

When you start a fitness program, it takes a while for your body to become conditioned to training. At the beginning you are likely to experience some muscle ache from performing movements and exercises that are unusual to you. This fades over time as your body adapts to the new demands imposed upon it.

How many people are in each session?

A single session usually consists of between 8 and 18 participants depending on day and time. This ensures we can adapt training to individual needs, progress fitness levels and ensure correct form.

I’m worried about being last. What if I’m not fit, fast or strong enough?

Sessions are designed to ensure all members of every fitness level are trained to appropriate levels, whilst avoiding members at either end of the scale feeling exposed or that they are holding people back. If you’re fitter, you’ll likely be stronger and be able to run further or faster, so your weights will be heavier and your set distance will be further to better enable the group to finish together where possible.

If you can only perform half the work of others, your workload will be set at half the work of others. If the set workload is high intensity for 2 minutes, no-one will finish last.


Is it difficult?

Yes. If it was easy, everyone would do it. But you have taken steps to do what others won’t, to achieve what others don’t.

Training has to be at a level that is challenging to bring adaptions to your cardiovascular and muscular system. However, it is YOU who sets the real intensity levels. Although Fit 4 Action trainers will push you to be your best, we can’t make you do what your unable to.

Do I need to be able to run?

To be able to run well, fast or long is not a requirement of new starters at Fit 4 Action. We only require you to be willing to be able to break into a jog to participate. With patience, you’ll be amazed what you achieve and we pride ourselves in our fitness transformations.