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Saturday 19th November 2016

Essential Files: Welcome to Gunuma    &    Kosciuszko-walking-tracks


  • Arrive at Gunuma Lodge: From 3pm Friday 18th
  • Car pool to Charlotte’s Pass: 7am Saturday 21st
  • Walk: Between 7:30am and 4pm
  • Return to Smiggin’s: 5pm Saturday
  • Clean and Leave Lodge: No later than 4pm Sunday.

The Walk

We still have options and can make a group decision as to whether we repeat the same work or, as a minimum, do the loop in reverse. We could do 2 groups and 2 different walks.

  1. Walk the same route as last year
  2. Walk the same route in reverse
  3. Run the last year’s route in the opposite direction to the walkers
  4. A new walk that doesn’t encompass the summit (please see options here)

Last year, we walked the Main Range Track, 22km loop – approx 8 hours. Steep, formed track, some obstacles; clearly sign posted. Charlotte Pass to Blue Lake Lookout: 5km one-way The Main Range Track and Summit Walk are linked as a loop walk.


This walk is listed as ‘hard’, as such, we will be going at a suitable pace for the whole group to finish safely. On arrival at the summit, there is an opportunity for a faster walking group to complete the walk ahead of the pack.

Walk Time

We’ll be leaving the accomodation (Gunuma Lodge) just after 6am on Saturday, driving to Charlotte’s Pass to start the walk. The more car pooling we can do, the better. We’ll be on the walk by 7am. We should complete the walk by 4pm.


At the moment the forecast suggests there is a very low chance of rain on the day of the walk and temperatures at Charlottes Pass range between 6 and 15 degrees.

How To Get There

A map for Gunuma Lodge can be found here:

The drive is approximately 5 hours from Como. M5, M31, M23, B23, Cooma, Jindabyne, Kosciuszko Road.

What to Bring

Ensure you read the attached guide to Welcome to Gunuma. You will need sheets and towels for the lodge.

  • Backpack – it’s a day walk so it doesn’t need to be big, enough for food, water, and the other stuff below
  • Walking boots or shoes. If we do the main track, it’s 22km of rough of steep track, it may be boggy in parts and you’re best with ankle support. Can you do with it trainers? Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The chances of an ankle sprain are much higher, and walking 22km with wet trainers is not fun. If you’re going to buy walking shoes now, ensure you buy a light flexible pair and spend some time walking them in before the day. Don’t take a new pair on the day.
  • Water bottles: You’ll need up to 2-4 litres per person.
  • Food for the walk: Take more than you think you’ll eat in case of any unexpected delays.
  • Food and drink for meals at the lodge. See below for meals.
  • Layered clothing. You’ll start cold and get warm very quickly, you need to be able to strip a layer and store it in your backpack.
  • Raincoats. Wet weather gear is a must. If it rains, and there is some delay, hypothermia is a real risk.
  • Insect Reppellent: At this time of year there are flies larger than your face stalking the slopes of Kosci, if that’s not your thing, protect yourself.
  • Sun Protection: Bring Sunscreen, longs sleeves and a hat/cap.
  • First Aid: Ideally, have your own personal first aid kit. In addition we need at least 2 members with First Aid certificates and a suitable kit. Please let us know if this is you.
  • Phones and chargers
  • Cameras – there will be plenty of amazing photographic opportunities


The lodge is furnished with a large, fully functioning kitchen.

  • Friday Dinner: Self catering. Everyone is arriving at different times, so bring your own food and cook at your own pace after you arrive.
  • Saturday Breakfast: Self catering. Bring your own food and eat an appropriate breakfast for a day’s hike.
  • Saturday Lunch & Snacks: Take stuff for the walk that will keep you nourished throughout the walk
  • Saturday Dinner: Group Dinner. We’re have willing individuals who have put up their hand to cook a portion of a group meal for 17. We’ll be asking for a donation towards costs for these meals.
  • Sunday Breakfast: Group Breakfast. Same as above, we’ll have a large cook-up,supervised by some keen individuals.

When using the kitchen, please ensure it is fully cleaned at the end of every use.

Food YOU Must Bring

Ensure you bring your own food for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch and snacks for the walk. Ideally, place it in a plastic bag or tupperware box with your name on for the communal fridges.


NP FEES: Gunuma Lodge is inside the National Park and you will need to pay NP fees of $17 per day to be there. You pay this fee as you enter the park near Jindabyne.

PARKING PERMIT: Will not be required. You can park at the lodge, this relates to peak ski season when everything is full. If the pay booths are shut when you arrive, this is not a problem, you can pay the next day.

FOOD: Tina and Mariano are doing a great job of coming up with Dinner and Breakfast, so far cost per head is looking around $20pp in total, please have cash for this.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, please send an email and we’ll amend this page to include the answer.