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The Time Trial sessions are a way for members to attempt new distances or to improve times of previously run distances. With set routes for 1km, 4km, 5km, 6km and 7km, other distances can be achieved by adding on the 1km loop. i.e. 7km plus the 1km loop would be 8km.

All members are encouraged to run loops in an anti-clockwise direction for safety purposes, in order to track the progress of runners.

When running an 8km loop members are encouraged to add the 1km loop at the start, again so that all runners are running in the same direction and overlapping at similar times.

However, if you are trying to set a new distance and are as yet uncertain of how you will fare, you may complete the shorter distance and add on the 1km loop at the end if you feel capable.

Please arrive at time trial sessions familiar with your chosen route. Please take extra care whilst crossing roads and remember safety comes first. Stop when necessary. If you wish to use personal music devices, please be aware you are less likely to hear traffic and you do so at your own risk.

Appropriate warm-up and cool down/stretches are essential. Please remain for the whole session.

1km Loop

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4km Split Run

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5km Split Run

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6km Loop Run

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7km Loop Run

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