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FIT4Action are fast becoming the best known provider of true fitness in the Sutherland Shire. Our tried and tested Cyclic Specificity training system means we can take you to levels of fitness and weight loss that you never thought were possible.

We provide Outdoor Group Fitness for the Sutherland Shire region, to cover training for Como, Bonnet Bay, Oyster Bay, Jannali (2226) and Sutherland (2232).

Training takes place 6 days a week, morning and night in and around the beautiful Scylla Bay Oval in Como and Sutherland.

With the scenic surrounds of Green Point, Carina Park, the Como/Oatley bridge, the Royal National Park, Wanda and Waratah Oval, Sutherland, all providing endless training opportunities, why would you want to burn calories anywhere else.

FIT4Action’s schedule ensures you can always get your 2,3 or even 4 weekly sessions that suit your training requirements.

For the current schedule please click here.

Sutherland Boot Camp Prices

Group Prices

Group Prices

All group sessions are based on advanced payment for 4 weeks with the availability of at least 4 unique general sessions per week. In addition, supplementary HIT Squad and FIT4Running sessions are also available to all members and schedules will be advised on a weekly basis.

Reasons to Take Your Workouts Outside

There are numerous physical, psychological and social benefits attributed to group outdoor fitness training. Here are just a few: –

Lower Cost. The Outdoors is shared by everyone without exorbitant gym membership fees. FIT4Action’s group membership is much more affordable as we use the surrounding natural resources to get you fit and healthy.

Cleaner Air. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates air indoors is over twice as polluted as the air outdoors.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesised from exposure to the sun and is essential for the processing of Calcium within the body and therefore; healthy teeth and bones. Australians suffer greatly from Vitamin D deficiency due to necessary levels of sunblock during regular daytime hours. Outdoor exercise is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D whilst the suns rays are at a safer level. This is especially important for those overweight as recent studies have shown that those who are overweight have over twice the deficiency in Vitamin D.

Stimulation. Running for endless hours on a treadmill can dull your mind. The endless changing terrain of the outdoors will keep your mind active and motivated as you use the outdoor resources such as fields, stairs, hills and even sand-pits. Smell the natural surroundings around you instead of the stale sweat and blaring music of your local gym.

Benefits of Group Exercise over Individual Exercise

Social. Training in a group has obvious social benefits, as well as meeting new friends, you will be motivated to see you new friends at the crack of dawn. When was the last time you had a good laugh whilst exercising alone?

Safety. Training in a group is an affordable way to get expert qualified (and insured) instruction, ensuring you are performing exercises correctly, warming up thoroughly and completing the necessary stretches.

Total Fitness. Training alone can limit your exercise choice due to lack of knowledge. How hard should you train? How often? What kind of exercises? These questions are answered by your group instructor who will ensure you participate in training leading to full ranges of aerobic/anaerobic and muscular fitness.

Adherence. You are much more likely to adhere to your workout program if you are due to meet up with others. No-one is held accountable for missing their own gym session, but your fellow group participants will make sure you know about it if you missed that ‘killer’ of a workout on a Monday.

Not convinced yet? Click here to contact us and find out how Fit4Action can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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