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Consider the HIT Squad to be the special forces edition of FIT4Action’s regular group training. High Intensity Training for those who want/need that extra push to the extreme. The body needs new stimulus to adapt and the same type of activities week in, week out will improve your fitness, speed and strength until your body is used to it. You have plateaued. The HIT Squad will break that plateau.

Whereas a normal session is adjusted to meet the needs of the members. A HIT Squad member needs to adjust to meet the needs of the session. Due to the nature of the training, this session is unable to accommodate current injuries or conditions that may affect their ability to exercise or where exercise may exacerbate their injury. A clean bill of health is required to participate and a resolve like no other.

You are NOT eligible for the HIT Squad if you are not able to meet the following criteria: –

  • Run 8km
  • Plank 2 mins
  • 20 strict push-ups on toes (male or female)
  • Can deal with getting wet
  • Can deal with getting dirty
  • Won’t get upset if singled out by your trainer
  • Take derision and shouting positively for 1 hour

HIT Squad Rules

Questioning an exercise: 10 burpees for the whole squad
Unauthorised rest/drinks break: 10 burpees for the whole squad
Slacking (as determined by your trainer): 10 burpees for the whole squad
Late arrival for the session: 20 burpees for the whole squad
Booked member fails to show*: 20 burpees for the whole squad
Cheating (avoiding exercise) : 20 burpees for the whole squad
If a member leaves the session: 30 burpees for the whole squad
Crying: Banned from squad

*24 hour notice of absence is required or your team does your work.

FIT4Action - HIT Squad