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Get tailored results with Fit 4 Action Personal Training

Individual Personal Training is also available. Everyone has different goals and aspirations and all start from varying degrees of ability, strength and fitness. All clients at Fit 4 Action undergo thorough consultation and evaluation in order to establish the most appropriate goals, session frequency, duration and content.

Depending on preference and exercise requirements, clients can undergo training in a studio environment or in the beautiful parks and surrounds of the Sutherland Shire. With expert 1-on-1 training, nutritional and lifestyle advice and ‘out of session’ training plans, we’ll soon get you moving on the journey to a better you, whether your goals are fitness, weight loss, flexibility, strength or sports conditioning.Fat loss & fitnessNutrition

  • Core & flexibility
  • Muscle tone, size and strength
  • Fit 4 Fifty +
  • Fit 4 Running
  • Fat Loss & Fitness

Our cardio workouts will have you burning that unwanted body fat and increasing your overall
fitness in no time. Moreover, the fitter we get you; the more fat you’ll be able to burn at rest.
Our innovative cardio workouts use a variety of training methods including, boxing, resistance
circuits and interval work. Prepare to sweat, but enjoy the stress?busting, fat burning results.


Fat loss can be maximized by an appropriate diet. With our dietary analysis we’ll ensure you’re
getting the right nutrients to reach your goals for effective, safe weight loss.

Core & Flexibility

‘Core’ means much more than the ‘6 pack’. A strong core includes the muscles of the torso, hip,
spine and pelvis for efficient functionality. Power means little without control. The good news is
that training the core can result in a firm stomach and a trim waist.
We will also guide you through correct stretching techniques to keep you flexible and avoid
injury. Stretch what you strengthen and strengthen what you stretch!

Muscle Tone, Size and Strength

Whether your goals are to shape and tone your physique or to build absolute strength and
power, following tried and tested strength training principles through our varied resistance
training programs, we will bring you the results you need.

Fit 4 50 Plus

Our Fit 4 Fifty + program is aimed at those who are in their second half century and never
thought they could see their glory days again. Increasing your strength, fitness and flexibility is
not limited by age, just desire. Let us motivate and guide you through modern techniques to
bring you the results you previously thought were behind you. Get back into those old jeans and
rebuild those muscles.

Fit 4 Running

Whether you are trying to cut down your marathon time or achieve your first City to Surf,
Fit 4 Action can guide you from sofa to surf. We’ll take you through our personalised running
programs, 1?on?1 coaching, running oriented strengthening, and injury management advice.

Fit 4 Action can provide a free initial consultation to answer all your questions about what
Personal Training involves and what should be the right solution for you.

1 on 1 Personal Training

Action Sampler 30 min intro:                         Free* ($40 value)
Action 1 Pack Once per week:                       $80 per hour
Action 2 Pack Twice per week:                     $75 per hour
Action Plus Pack ( 3 times+):                       $65 per hour
Action Group Access Unlimited Group:         $15 per week*

*Personal training clients who purchase the ‘Group Access’ have unlimited access to group classes in addition to their PT sessions. Click here for more detail.

*All packs, excluding the ‘Action Sampler’ include fitness testing, nutritional analysis and out?of?session guidance and support. We want you to succeed.

Suitable duration and frequency of sessions will be determined after consultation with your
trainer. The Action Sampler is aimed at those who are yet unsure as to what is involved in
Personal Training.