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FIT4Action’s Cyclic Specificity System

Exercising by yourself can become monotonous and uninspiring, especially without the knowledge of a fitness professional to ensure you are training towards complete fitness.

Too often, boot camps / group fitness organisations have many generic sessions where they attempt to cover many areas of fitness within the single session and repeat over a period of several weeks. At FIT4Action we know this isn’t specific enough to get the adaptions required for total fitness. Which is why we use our unique Cyclic Specificity system.

Total fitness covers many individual aspects, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, balance, power and speed. Within the individual focuses we need to work various physiological functions, including every energy system and ensuring we train every muscle group, whilst moving in the various ways the body was designed.

Each FIT4Action workout has a primary focus and several secondary focuses. These rotate over a period of 2-3 weeks, so every session is different and even if you attend the same 2 or 3 time slots per week, you’ll be rotated through the whole Cyclic Specificity system to ensure you receive TOTAL FITNESS. You’ll realise the best version of yourself and achieve things you never thought were possible.


Using this method we have trained members up to their first half and full marathon, flying through army, navy and police entry level fitness tests and a range of other fitness activities they never thought they could previously achieve.

You also won’t know what type of session is coming next, as individuals can sometimes avoid the sessions they find more difficult or perceive as less enjoyable, which are usually the ones we need to focus on more (you never regret a workout once it’s over). You could get stuck in a rut doing boxing Monday, core on Wednesday, but miss those higher intensity sessions you need to balance your fitness. At FIT4Action, we’ll take you through the works, where each session is scaled to the ability of each member, all you need is application, we’ll enhance your ability.

Let us take the thinking out of your workout, just turn up at Sutherland’s best boot camp… we’ll do the rest.

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