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Isagenix: Is it a Scam?

FIT4Action is a strong advocate of real exercise with real food for real results. This is hard, and if someone struggles to get the results they want, they can be swayed by the lure of quick fixes. There is money to be made from their insecurity and desperation, and the vultures will swoop.

Isagenix is an MLM not a pyramid scheme.

Isagenix is an MLM, not a pyramid scheme

Diet shakes are one thing, but ISAGENIX is an extreme diet and also a multi-level marketing scheme, where users recruit others into its use and sales. For it to work, there needs to be the unscrupulous supported by the vulnerable. It’s multi-level marketing, masquerading as nutrition.

Pyramid schemes consist of entry level members paying money up a chain to the higher level members. This then pays off when the new member recruits others. For the ones on higher levels to succeed, the ones on the lower levels must fail. Pyramid schemes are a illegal, but if you involve the sale of a product or service, this is legitimized and becomes Multi-Level Marketing, which is legal.

When one of your friends posts on Facebook any statement that looks like: –

“Wow, I feel great on this 30 day challenge, I’ve lost so much weight and feel amazing, msg me for details”

…they are trying to get your buy-in and response so that they can then proceed to try and recruit you. Your ‘like’ or comment, becomes their prospect as does your family and friends. Beware, they are following a well rehearsed script, driven by misguided dreams of a millionaire mansions and luxury boats.

The most recent and by far the worst trend is seeing the proliferation of health professionals ‘prescribing’ this product for their clients. 1 to 1 sales grow this market, but a trainer who has a group of 30 or 40 clients hanging on to their advice is a captive market. No REAL personal trainer, dietitian or therapist would ever, ever recommend these products. If they try to push these on you, they are more likely interested in your money, not your welfare. Change your trainer, change your group and never go back.

If you want to learn more about why Multi-Level Marketing itself is abhorrent, read this:

If you want to read why the shake itself is flawed, read this:

Does it work? If you mean, do you lose weight? Of course you do, but you could replace the shake with milk and have a similar effect. Any diet that has a calorie deficit results in weight-loss.

Whilst we could talk all day about why some call this the Isagenix scam, hustle or con, luckily Bianca Aiono has already done a fantastic job of exposing this scheme for what it is. Her blog in its entirety is below and deserves to be shared.

The Top 10 Problems With Isagenix’s 30 Day Cleanse

Bianca Aiono

Isagenix is just like the Emperor’s New Clothes – everybody’s too afraid to expose what it really is in case they look stupid. Isagenix says : ” For 4 days every month you should eat nothing but these super sized ovaltines and drink this imitation metamucil stuff . For the rest of the month just drink 2 shakes a day and eat one meal a day.”

The weight loss that comes from following a plan like this isn’t from some super dooper magic formula. It’s called “I just lost a bunch of weight cos I ate my food through a straw and then starved myself” formula

Jeezus People. Life’s too short to wake up and wish your day was already over !

TEXT HERESure – there might be some super unhealthy people and Isagenix is a good start for them. But what about those for whom Isagenix DOESN’T work …. What about those who become fatter than they were before ? And then blame themselves for failing, not the diet !?!?

Someone responded to me on Facebook, “How dare you stand up for what you think is right – You’ve lost my respect – you’ll never get me as a client!”. Whilst we can all play the let’s sit on the fence, “ there’s no right or wrong” or “if it makes them happy what’s the harm in it?” game  …. A million dollars every day gets spent on weight loss products that are either unsafe or ineffective.

Whilst beagles get tested in laboratories, children get sold into the sex slave trade and people sleep homeless every night A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY is spent on weight loss products that are either unsafe or ineffective.

Are you okay with that ? If you are – then you were never my client anyway. Because I’m not okay with that. So I won’t be playing it safe. And I won’t be shutting up any time soon.

1. Everyone is on the payroll.

Isagenix is a Multi Level Marketing program – that means it’s a pyramid scheme that works on word of mouth and a whole bunch of people get a pay day when you buy their product.

This means you can’t take your friends recommendation as unquestionably as their fave restaurant review. Now you need to take everything they say with a grain of salt and assess the program on it’s merits ( as you would if you were listening to a Politician and her foreign policy if her previous experience was being on Centrelink )

Or atleast you need to be wary of them -when they say “Hey you have a really inspiring way about you – I have this amazing business opportunity for you!”

It’s just like those people in the shopping centre who wave pamphlets and overpriced face cream at you and say “Mam, can I ask you a question”.

2. Everyone’s suddenly an expert…..Apparently.

You’ll see a flood of Facebook statuses to the likes of “Wow I feel incredible and bouncing out of bed after this new nutritional cleanse I’ve discovered – inbox me for more details” from friends who are suddenly health gurus because they’re two days into a shake diet.

I appreciate their reasons for selling it – they want a better life for them and their families, they aren’t bad people. But they are just falling victim to the “Make Money Easily” industry whilst exploiting others through the “Lose Weight Easily” diet industry.

In Multi-Level marketing the problem doesn’t originate with the consumer, it starts with unqualified people pushing their shit on those who trust them and don’t know to question them.

Like Herbalife, Isagenix may be an effective weight loss tool. So is anorexia. Doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea.

3. You don’t need a magic pill or potion to become healthy.

“You are so rude and judgemental. If this product is helping a woman feel better about herself, helping her to fit into her favourite pair of jeans, helping her feel sexy again, then who are you to take that away from her?”

FACT : If you think selling overpriced skim milk powder to make someone feel better about themselves is OKAY – then therein lies the problem.

Women don’t have to buy shit to make themselves feel better about themselves, nothing else than nature can’t provide.

Isagenix doesn’t help a woman feel sexy about herself FFS

Committing to nurturing her body in positive ways, by eating real healthy food, moving her body often and speaking to herself  lovingly – THAT is what makes a woman feel sexy.

Saying that a woman must subscribe to gimmicks, to fad diets – THAT Is the culture that creates this bullshit epidemic of women unnecessarily feeling inadequate, under appreciated and unworthy .

Encouraging women to buy “health in a box ” is NOT empowering women… it’s empowering the trillion dollar Diet Industry !

I show a woman that she is born with the power to heal herself – without buying a magic pill or potion – I say – who are YOU to take that away from her ?

4. They use propaganda and self funded studies 

Isagenix peeps use propaganda to enforce compliance and self funded studies to blame the consumer instead of the product when their program fails long term. They refuse to believe that possibly – Isagenix can’t be all things to all people, and that it’s not the Holy Grail of health they tout it to be.

They say “You must do it 100% of it won’t work”.

This creates an inbuilt fall back position because starving yourself for 2 days is very difficult and many people fail (rightly so) .

If you tell them that the product doesn’t work – it’s easy for them to say “You mustn’t have done it 100% right”

“You don’t know enough about the science behind it !

“Do I need to know the science behind how a car works to know that I can’t put sand in the tank and expect it to run?

Most importantly :  Do you have to eat well and exercise 100% right in order for you to receive health benefits?

No you don’t. Save your money peeps.


5. The End Doesn’t Justify The Means

They ask you to sacrifice your current health in the quest of possible future health.

I was told “Now you’re just sounding ignorant – you start off with a 30 day cleanse to release your body from toxins after that it is maintenance”

How does making yourself sicker in the short term by drinking shakes with a whole bunch of shit that most people can’t defend except to give you a hyperlink.

They reference an Isagenix funded study and declare ” Here read THIS you ignoramus ” – when they themselves can’t pronounce the words, they can’t interpret the studies, they can’t even produce a portfolio of testimonials of those who they HAVE helped LONG TERM !


The Facebook forums are full of people saying ” I failed again with starving myself today” or ” These shakes are making me feel queazy”. To which unqualified people say ” Just keep going – You can do this ! ” Anything that requires you to sacrifice your health in the hope of current health should be treated with suspicion !

6. They tell you that you need to cleanse your body using their products.

Okay let’s not go into the murky waters where colloquialism meets science and start hurtling around misquoted studies that tells us we need to “cleanse” our bodies.

Bottom line – can you “cleanse” your body of inflammation WITHOUT buying $570 worth of product in your first month and then $300 a month ongoing ? Of course you can. Stop eating so much crap. Eat more real foods. Drink more water. Have more green stuff.

Sure, you might need some “SUPPLEMENTS” to help you along – but you don’t need “MEAL REPLACEMENT” shakes to replace your food. Seriously, life’s too short to drink your food.

7. The shake products can cause inflammatory reactions that get swept under the rug.

The main ingredient in these shakes is skim milk powder . You can buy that shit for $3 a kilo at the supermarket. There’s hardly any protein in these shakes – but it’s touted as apparently “it’s nutrition in it’s purest form”

There’s Facebook forums full of people who say “ These shakes are giving me a cough” or “Look at this rash my body suddenly appearing all over me”

The responses range anywhere from :

“Oh, that’s just the toxins leaving your body” to
“Oh you must be doing something wrong” to
“Go see your Doctor – there must be something seriously wrong with you!”

Hmmmmm how about “That’s just an inflammatory reaction to powdered dairy and those shakes are making you sick!”

But No – nobody wants to affect their downline and choke up their cash cow.

8. If you have to keep paying for maintenance – what health have you actually achieved ?

I was told – “You have to keep paying the $200 – $300 a month for maintenance. If you don’t know that –  all it shows is your ignorance. That’s where people go wrong. They don’t maintain the change to a lifestyle and they go back to the way they did prior to starting”

Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach her how to fish and you feed her for a life time. If your Isagenix clients go back to where they were before they started working with you , it means your product was not a long term solution because it did not change their behaviours.

Isagenix is a fish

Education is the fishing rod.


9. Everybody’s worried about speaking out in case they offend their Isagenix friends. 

People said on my Facebook feed ” Why haven’t I heard of anyone saying this about Isagenix before”.

Trust me, I am just one in a sea of angry voices who feel they have been duped by their friends. So why don’t they speak out ?

It’s like Scientology – nobody wants to publicly insult their friend and nobody wants to deal with the consequences of speaking out. People start to get personal when you threaten their MLM livelihood with rationale and logic.

There are a whole bunch of people, including fitness and health professionals who will distance themselves from this post because of the ruckus speaking out against Isagenix or any MLM product brings. (Even though they will watch on these threads , wholeheartedly agreeing and silently egging me on ! )


I love my friends, I don’t love Isagenix.

Even the industry experts and thought leaders who I have consulted were so flippant with their damming of these products. They said “ Just look at the ingredients” and that was the end of it – they are so flabbergasted that anyone would think that Isagenix shakes was a likely solution they didn’t realise not everyone understands nutrition as easily and as uninfluenced as they do.

Isagenix peeps are just recycling what they’ve been told, and parrot repeating it as if it’s fact. Plus – since everyone’s become an expert and they’re on the pay roll – they take it as a personal assault if you say something that doesn’t agree with their vision of immense freedom and wealth.

I know you just want a better life for you and your family. But that doesn’t mean your Isagenix products are the only way to do that.  “You are just being a hater when all I’m trying to do is help people “ It’s not helping people if what you’re showing them is not a legitimate, inexpensive long term solution. Isagenix is simply MLM masquerading as health.

10. It only works for as long as you keep paying.

The difference between educating yourself and buying Isagenix is that once people know and understand the principles – they don’t have to continue paying for more education .

Isagenix only works for as long as you keep paying. Improving your knowledge around food and health is an investment that has a lifetime return.

Did you know that 95% of people who diet regain the weight they lost in 1 to 5 years?

So if the weight is going to come back on – why not just invest that $300 – $500 a month into a vegetable garden, or an exercise program you love and see yourself doing long term? Our bodies have the innate ability to heal ourselves once you understand what they really need.

My Mission : To Show You A Healthy Body Is Your Birth Right So You Can Put Your Diet Industry Money To Making The World A Better Place.

I am perfectly happy to debate with anyone about their point of view on a Facebook tussle in a mature manner. But I’m not interested in going around and around in circles if you can’t get straight to the point.


The aim isn’t to convince the other person to change their mind – but rather to educate my audience. ( For all of those getting their popcorn out and watching the comments go on and on – that’s right I see you ! )

Eventually though, when people stop making sense, they get frustrated with me and that’s when they start making references to my personal character.

“You are ignorant!”
“You are an egotistical bully!”
“You are a waste of time for all women!”
“You are an ass hat!”


I don’t see how that can be accurate – when all I have done is shown them an alternate point of view and invited them to do the same ? Funny thing is though – I don’t care what they think of me – it says more about them than it does about me. Regardless – my agenda is much bigger than that. I go in to battle for my tribe. For the women in my tribe who are breaking down their BS excuses, and detoxing from all the Diet industry propaganda. For the women in my tribe who are building their warrior woman strength as they progress through the curriculum in my Love Your Body Lean Re-School Sisterhood.

Bianca Aiono

Many thanks to Bianca for her permission in spreading her truth. Please see Bianca’s original blog here:

Proponents of multi-level marketing schemes rely heavily on propoganda and positive reviews. Which is why they invest heavily in ensuring any search terms that include “Isagenix” and “scam” or “hoax” comes up with one of their results first, ensuring a wholly biased review or colourful video explaining why it is not a scam.

The best way to combat this is to link and share any documents and webpages such as this, that will aid your friends and family getting the full information before getting hooked in.






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