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Need a Reason to Exercise?

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Everyone should partake in some form of regular exercise, without exception.

Regular exercise is nothing new and is undertaken by millions of people around the world, sometimes with dramatic, even life-changing effects. The many extra benefits of exercise are sometimes hidden behind achieving particular goals. We often discuss why people should start exercising, but maybe we should discuss why we should continue to exercise.

Fit 4 Action’s recent Facebook survey, although from a very small sample, may reflect the views of society. Many people enter into an exercise program to reverse the effects of not exercising, such as carrying excess weight, lack of confidence in body shape, a lack of cardiovascular conditioning and in some cases because an unhealthy lifestyle has led to the onset of disease. In my experience, the trigger is more often for aesthetic reasons, not that there is any shame in this as motivation.

Everyone should participate in exercise, without exception. And regardless of what inspires people to begin, fitness is a lifestyle, not a ’10 Week Body Beautiful’ glamour pack. Crash diets, ‘Get Your Beach Body’ articles and ‘6 Pack’ programs all appeal to that part of us that wants to look and feel better and the effects are often not maintainable and hence temporary.

Then there are those of us who are naturally slim and have no need to run for a bus or carry heavy shopping bags and can seemingly eat whatever they desire. What is their motivation? Why should they get up an hour earlier and force themselves through a sweat inducing cardio session if they are already the magazine perception of ‘slim’? Why? Because otherwise they miss out on the myriad of benefits exercise can provide; the hidden effects, the elixir of life that everyone should make integral to their lifestyle.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be addressing many of the hidden benefits of exercise. We all know you can lose weight and grow muscle, but what happens on the inside? What does the mirror not reflect? What can your friends not see on Facebook?

And just imagine if exercise saved your life!