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All sessions are currently running

Wednesday 7pm – 22nd of March is under review pending the coming storm.

Please assume all subsequent sessions are going ahead unless you hear otherwise.

Don’t forget to check and refresh your browser to ensure this page is current.

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No rain, no gain


If it rains, we’ll probably get wet, but don’t worry, calories still burn in the rain. Rain does not mean cancellation. F4A is an Outdoor Fitness company and as a result, we have to take the rough with the smooth. If it’s wet, we’ll change the workout to avoid messy ground work. If it’s heavy rain, we’ll change the workout and go under cover. Generally, we’ll work through light rain or change the session to more running based content, so dress appropriately. We only cancel when conditions are considered dangerous. i.e. combinations of heavy rain, lightening, wind, darkness, flooding and slippy ground etc. Local weather stations and SES reports are consulted to bring this result. As much as we would all like to show how tough we are and we know we could, there is a much higher risk of injury and a much lower chance of FIT4Action insurers being amused that we had gone against guidelines.

We’d all like to hang around and see if it eases and at the first break in the storm, resume the session, but logistically, this doesn’t work. We’ve had a few occasions we’ve cancelled half an hour before due to torrential storm and hail and it has been absolutely fine by the session time. We’ll make a decision and stick to it so you can plan accordingly.