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Sprint Training

Sprint Training

Sprint Training

Sprint training is rarely the most popular group session, but it can bring about a whole host of benefits, whatever your goal.



Sprint training falls into the H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) category with short work periods but at very high intensities leaving you burning calories for many hours (even days) after the workout. Ever had the sweats several hours after a workout? That’s H.I.I.T.

This kind of threshold training can also help increase your VO2MAX, which is the amount of oxygen the body can utilize and is a standard measure of fitness. Fat needs oxygen to burn. The higher your fitness level, the more fat you burn at rest. Sounds like a good deal, right?



If you only train your body to run at slower paces, your body adapts to running slower (albeit further). The goal of distance running is initially to run further and eventually, to run further- faster. You don’t want speed to be your limiting factor, but your endurance. Speed training will ensure that your race pace is more maintainable and the high intensity nature trains the large muscles of the legs and hips to better process the lactic acid produced, making you more efficient at lower speeds. Whilst all marathon running plans should contain speed work, the classic program always had speed work as the finishing touches, some modern thinking puts speed training as a priority as described in the following link: – Runners World



It seems kind of obvious, but if you want to run fast, you need to run faster. Weight lifters only get stronger when they put themselves under a new stimulus of a heavier weight and the body adapts. It’s similar for sprinting. To run faster, you need to train faster.



FIT4Action’s mission is to develop all-round fitness for its members. Not just strong people or fast people but advancing through many facets of fitness, including cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and agility. We rotate our session focus around all facets of fitness, muscle groups, movement patterns and energy systems to¬†encourage the body to recover the particular system previously used, before challenging it again and¬†ensuring all-round fitness, leaving our members fit for life.

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