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Starting an Exercise Routine

Have you had been over-indulging recently? A few too many drinks? A few too many chocolates? Are your belts shrinking? Maybe you have decided it’s time to change your lifestyle. At the top of most people’s list is Exercise. January is the biggest month in gym calendars and memberships soar. Unfortunately, consistency of attendance does […]

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Do Boot Camps and 12 Week Transformations Work?

FIT4Action is not really a boot camp. We are an Outdoor Fitness Group, we’d even call ourselves a Lifestyle Fitness Solution. And we’re quite proud of the distinction. Call it what you will; Boot Camp, bootcamp or boot-camp, where did this modern fitness label come from? It is suggested that the term originated from as early […]

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How to Stay Motivated in Winter

Fit4Action members provide cold season tips. Winter has officially arrived and it’s making its presence known by plummeting temperatures and blustery winds. Both the mornings and evenings are dark and motivation can also head south. The Australian winter is barely challenging compared to other parts of the world where temperatures are sub-zero. Ice and snow cover […]

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Going Bananas

This morning, through the haze of post-workout sweat and fatigued sighs, I heard someone suggest that bananas were fattening. It occurred to me that this was the third time in a month I’d heard such a scurrilous rumour and I wondered what had happened to tarnish the reputation of this much-loved superfood. After much research […]

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Need a Reason to Exercise?

Everyone should partake in some form of regular exercise, without exception. Regular exercise is nothing new and is undertaken by millions of people around the world, sometimes with dramatic, even life-changing effects. The many extra benefits of exercise are sometimes hidden behind achieving particular goals. We often discuss why people should start exercising, but maybe […]

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